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I started this blog some time ago as a place to get what was bothering me off my chest and now it's become a place where I can share my hopes and dreams, my favorite things and meet some really great and interesting people. I'm not here to please people by what I say, and along the way I might offend some by my thoughts and feelings, but that isn't my intentions and if that happens I'm sorry. This is just me, sharing my life with all of you. I love your feedback, good and bad but if your not happy with what I have to say don't read my blog. I have an attitude and am not afraid to voice it. For those who do care to read this feel free to drop me a line at sarabeth dot 87 at hotmail dot com! love~s
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This kid….. seriously

My #mcm is this guy :)

Time for work #jewlery #sundayselfie

I seriously spoiled myself today

It’s been almost seven months and I can finally say I have found happiness. I didn’t realize how unhappy I had been until he made me see what true happiness can be. It’s amazing how much better life can be when you surround yourself with truly amazing people.
Happy Tuesday everyone

Happy National Siblings day to this guy! #babybrother

This kid is my favorite! #lovie #ainsygram #littlebuddy

Missed my contacts something terrible. #glasses #selfie #whitegirlproblems

Apparently this chick doesn’t like to stay inside the lines when it comes to the rules of the road # stupiddrivers

#tbt to when if was warm!